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Sardinia, albeit being the 2nd largest island in the Mediterranean, has an interconnexion with the Italian grid covering only covering 10% of its needs. The grid stability is heavily relying (70%) on traditional thermal power plants, consuming fuel or diesel to generate electricity.

A 100% renewable energy vision materialize only with the development of clean hybrid power plants delivering reliable and stable power to the grid. This kind of power plants will progressively replace the existing baseload fossil fuel power plants.

In the context of the Italian governments growing desire to reduce dependence on foreign energy sources and rising prices but heavily impacted by the geopolitical crisis and its consequences, HDF hopes to help achieve the goal of shutting down the island's coal-fired power plants while maintaining the amount of electricity they produce by offering locally produced green energy at minimal cost.


As HDF, our primary goals are:

  • The reduction of carbon footprint of electricity generation.

  • The reduction of the cost of the production of energy.

  • The increase of energy security and resilience.

RenewstablE® benefits

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Electricity generation

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